Old hungarian grapevine varieties

In the Tokaj wine-region, in which only three cultivars are permitted to grow, extending the range of cultivars can be one way of development. The microvinificational wines of seven cultivars (‘Balafánt’, ‘Budai gohér’, ‘Juhfark’, ‘Kövérszőlő’ – synonym of ‘Grasa de Cotnari’ –, ‘Purcsin’, ‘Ortlibi’ – synonym of Kniperlé – and ‘Török gohér’) which were widespread in Tokaj-Hegyalja earlier and that of three cultivars of the Furmint conculta, such as ‘Fehér’ (White), ‘Piros’ (Red) and ‘Változó (Altering) furmint’ were examined with laboratory measurements, 20-score organoleptic examination and wine profile analysis in 2006. Regarding the vintage of 2006 ‘Juhfark’, ‘Kövérszőlő’ and ‘Változó furmint’ got the most favourable values in most respects (laboratory analysis and organoleptic examinations), while ‘Piros furmint’ produced the weakest results. Since wine specialities in Tokaj have always been cuvees, blending of these cultivars in different ratios would be necessary.